10 Things to Know About Funerals in Mallorca

10 Things to Know About Funerals in Mallorca

1. If you are thinking of organising your funeral, pre planning is possible as well as easy and can be done directly with your funeral provider. This is a good option for you if you are permanently settled in Mallorca.

2. Once death has been declared it is just a matter of calling your funeral provider and letting them do the rest – collection of the body, paperwork and setting the date and time of the funeral.

3. If you do not have a funeral provider or a pre-paid funeral plan, you are free to call whomsoever you wish so they can arrange the funeral of your loved one.

4. Once your loved one’s body has been removed by the funeral home, it will spend the first few days in a cooling chamber. Please note that there may be additional costs for any delay to the funeral.

5. Most Spanish funerals take place within 48 hours of death and tend to be burials.

6. There are 5 crematoria on Mallorca – Palma, Bon Sosec in Marratxi, Inca, Manacor and Soller.

7.  Spanish funeral directors are used to clients viewing their loved one in an open casket, known as the velatorio.  This normally takes place at the tanatorio (funeral parlour) where the coffin is on view in a refrigerated glass chamber.

8. You are able to keep the body at home for a maximum of 48 hours. After this time the body will have to be buried or cremated immediately.

9. The ashes can normally be collected within 24/48 hours of cremation, it’s always best to confirm with the funeral company. The incineration process only allows for one coffin at a time.

10. To be able to collect the ashes and relevant documents, the funeral fees have to be settled in full. Most funeral companies also offer to look at other paperwork for an extra fee such as the deceased’s pension, social security.

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