What would you like people to say about you or a loved one at the funeral?

(The dictionary definition of a funeral is the observances held for a dead person usually before burial or cremation).

A funeral is the opportunity to give your loved one a good send off, but what does that mean?  When you’re in shock at the sudden death of a loved one or exhausted after the extended illness of a family member, perhaps the last thing you’ll manage is to think clearly.

A good celebrant will make time to sit with you and find out all there is to know about your loved one.  What kind of person was she?  Did he dedicate his life to a cause?  What were her special qualities and how did they manifest themselves to you?  Did he enjoy any hobbies and did you share his love of them?  These questions will form the basis of the first meeting with your celebrant as she gathers all the information based on your relationship and experiences with the deceased.

Your celebrant will be there to hold your hand, figuratively speaking, whilst you navigate the new space of funeral organisation.  She’ll explain how things work here in Mallorca and the best place to celebrate the life of your loved one.  She’ll take notes and then write a complete ceremony.  She’ll access other resources, do some more investigating, such as what other events took place the same year your loved one was born.  

The ceremony will have structure and there’ll be spaces for music, other readings, and tributes from family and friends.  You’ll have authority over its veracity as your celebrant will make sure you approve the copy beforehand.

On the day of the funeral, there’ll be a friendly face to greet you upon arrival and you’ll know that you’re in good hands.  If any family can’t be in the country, you’ll have received access codes to a virtual room beforehand.  Long distant mourners will have their instructions as well as some tips on what’s expected from them attending the funeral at a distance.

When the ceremony is over and your guests are leaving, you’ll probably hear them say “that was a good send off wasn’t it OR Everyone thought that it was just lovely OR It was absolutely marvellous and you made him sound good! OR Thank you again for everything. You have done the most wonderful thing for us.”  After all, you’ve just said your final goodbye to a loved one.

A funeral can be the place where feelings are moved so perhaps it’s only right that they’re moved in a positive and uplifting manner.  The next stage of the journey is yours alone, namely your grieving process.  A celebrant who has prepared well will hope that the celebration of life ceremony for your loved one leaves you fulfilled and looking forward.

Code of Conduct

Choosing a Celebrant to mark an important and life changing situation such as a funeral, or end of life ceremony, requires trust and consideration.

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