Memorial Service

A memorial service is a gathering where the casket is not present.  There are many reasons for holding a memorial service and if your loved one died in Mallorca, you may wish to hold a memorial service at a later date or in another country.  I can prepare the ceremony and officiate too and if the ceremony is to take place elsewhere, you may wish me to prepare the ceremony and choose a family member to officiate.

Please note, I am always willing to travel if your budget permits.

Eulogy – preparation only

The definition of a eulogy is “speech or writing in praise of a person, especially one who recently died or retired”. There are many reasons for praising our loved ones and whilst we may know them best of all, writing about them can be a challenge, especially to condense the story of their life into a eulogy.

I am able to prepare and write the eulogy of your loved one after meeting you in person or by Skype to find out as much as I can to put together their life story for you to share in your own way.

Funeral Preparation and Delivery

A funeral is a ceremony or service held shortly after a person’s death and usually includes the person’s burial or cremation.  Although for many a funeral can be viewed as a time of great sadness and loss, I believe that a good funeral can prepare the family for the process of grieving which is so necessary to be able to continue with one’s life in a positive and effective manner.

Here in Mallorca, funerals often take place immediately following death, normally a day or two later.  If family needs to come from outside of Spain, one can request burial or cremation to be held on the last day, normally up to 7 days after death*.  Please note that given the restrictions surrounding travel, ceremonies are able to be transmitted online to those family members and friends unable to attend.

I will meet with the main family members as soon as is possible and spend as much time with them to discover all I can about your loved one.  I will also explain some of what you can expect on the day of the funeral.  If the deceased was foreign yet integrated into local life, I will incorporate Spanish language into the ceremony to accommodate island friends too.

Upon preparing the ceremony, it will be sent to you for approval prior to the funeral.  I will encourage you to choose appropriate music as well as any readings to be included.   Religious passages or prayers are encouraged where they can reflect the beliefs of a loved one and the same of poetry, essays or even lyrics of favourite songs.  The ceremony script will be given to the family after the service in a personalised booklet.

On the day of the funeral, I will arrive at the cemetery or crematorium at least 30 minutes before the service is due to start.  I will consult with the funeral director beforehand and make sure that the requested music will be available amongst other final details.  I will then greet you and the other mourners and show them to their seats and after the service, I will be available until you leave.

*(Please note that this has to be requested at the time of certifying the death and may add to the final cost)

Other Services

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Mallorca Death Café

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End of Life Doula

If your loved one is ill or elderly and coming to the last stage of life, I can offer practical help for you whilst observing how much emotional support you need to be able to face all that is to come.

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