End of Life Doula

End of life care

This year I began a course in Spiritual Accompaniment in the Dying Process with Spanish association Vinyana.  One of the principal objectives of the course is to develop the practical skills that can be used to cultivate compassion and maintain equanimity in caring for others and oneself at the end of life.

Whilst the course is aimed at professionals working in the health sector, my aim with these studies is to learn as much as possible to offer a service of accompaniment in the final weeks, days or hours of a loved one’s time on earth, whether at hospital or at home.

I shall get to know you when you are ready to consider the next stage and through open and candid conversations we can explore the subject of dying and death.  By holding space for you to be frank and to face your fears, I shall be your voice if you need me to be.

If your loved one is ill or elderly and coming to the last stage of life, I can offer practical help for you whilst observing how much emotional support you need to be able to face all that is to come.

Whilst you may have heard the term doula in the birthing process, my training now and my previous doula training with French obstetrician, Dr Michel Odent, will allow me to feel the pulse and offer what is needed at the time it is needed.

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